Blob Keep 1.4.0: The Finale!

Blob Keep 1.4.0

This is it! The fourth and final Blob Keep level where the quest finally ends.

Here are a few notes and tips:


Blob Keep now has three types of armor protection.


DA = Damage Absorption

Armor has a limit to the total amount of damage it will absorb before it breaks.

Save Points

I added a couple of save points to level 4 to make it less frustrating but also because it's larger than the other levels.

Lockpick Minigame

The minigame has been restored. It was removed for the game jam because it wasn't ready and there wasn't much time to improve it.

I found some of the locks to be really tough! You might want to save before you start blowing through lock picks because there's a limited supply and they might not last very long. You can always restore from the saved game if things go badly.


You can now backstab with Ben's rusty dagger. If you manage to sneak up behind an enemy and attack while the crystal is greater than 75% you'll get twice your full damage.

Katana (new weapon)

The katana does a little more damage than the morning star and gives a second attack with no round time penalty. To perform a single attack, release the (attack) key early.

Level Cap

The previous level cap (of 10) has been extended to 15. The rate of increase for experience (and a few other things) have also been changed to accommodate the higher level cap.

Keep Level 4

It's possible to end up in a very difficult predicament if health potions and crossbow bolts run too low. It's a good idea to manage these resources carefully when you reach the 4th level. Some monsters will occasionally drop these items to help mitigate this situation.


It's been lots of fun working on this project and I hope you enjoy playing it!


I will continue to fix bugs in case you happen to discover any.

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Jun 22, 2021
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