Blob Keep Level 3 is (Finally) Here!

Blob Keep Release 1.3.0

Sorry for the long delay, level 3 took on a life of its own and introduced several challenges along the way. It's not exactly what I had intended for the Blob Keep finale so I've decided to do 4 (keep) levels instead of 3 as originally planned.

Level 3 introduces the crossbow which works a little differently than the other weapons because it operates in two stages: reload and fire. It also only uses about 65 percent of your base attack damage.

There's a shield but it's not very well incorporated yet. I was thinking, maybe it can be used to block projectiles but none of the monsters currently have ranged attacks. The shield can't be used with weapons which require two hands.

The pulsing blue crystal at the top center of the screen affects your attack damage result. The crossbow makes it easier to take advantage of this feature and it can make a difference if you time your shots accordingly. The objective is to strike when the crystal is bright, this will increase your damage result. This only affects the weapons damage, base damage is unaffected.

Good luck with keep level 3!

Feel free to comment and ask questions, report bugs, etc. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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May 07, 2021

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