The post-gamejam BLOB KEEP is here!

The post-gamejam BLOB KEEP is here!

I've tried to balance the difficulty as much as possible. I've play tested these levels many times and will provide a few tips on the best way to approach combat in BLOB KEEP.

One major difference (from the previous release) is that the experience and ability increases are constant. You don't loose experience when you die but you do loose any items or equipment you've acquired. So the worst case is that you might need to grind a few levels in the rat area before you become strong enough to meet the blobs head-on.

If you really want to save the current game state to avoid having to do things over again you can always just climb the nearest flight of stairs or climb out of the well but it's not intended that the game be played this way.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Your attack range is slightly greater than your enemies attack range which can be used to your advantage. Instead of just rushing in and attacking, try to lure the rats within range, attack and then retreat one or two tiles. The brown rats should go down in one shot, the others might not, initially. So step back and make sure there is ample space between you and the wall.

It's very important that you spend your character points before you enter the well and as soon as you earn each level. Your ability increases are directly tied to how you spend these points. You get 2 points at the beginning and each time you reach a new level. I would recommend putting them into strength and constitution. Dexterity may not be as worthwhile since it's effectiveness was reduced by the overall speed increase. Press 'ESCAPE' to access the character screen.

Use health potions! Press the 'P' key (or whichever key is assigned).

Good luck, and let me know how you fare against the BLOB KEEP!


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Apr 14, 2021

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When I die I keep my upgrades and still get 2 extra points to spend :) .

Thanks CryptRat. It'll be fixed.