YW Volley Release 0.2

YW Volley Release 0.2

This is my first web-based game representing my foray into web development. I'm still learning the ropes, if it's not too too obvious. ;-)

I don't currently have any way to test on Safari but I think the program should run on Firefox and Chromium-based browsers but these are not guarantees. Worst case, you'll just see a blank screen. Apologies in advance. If you let me know which browser failed I will certainly add it to my list.

The audio was reused from Blob Keep, hopefully it's adequate. It's mostly there to provide audio indication.

A few things on my todo list are:

  • Add pause button.
  • Add key to launch the ball (in addition to the Left Mouse Button)
  • Add proper exit screen. Right now the program just exits to the splash screen, which is actually an improvement over what it did previously.
  • There might be a collision issue, I'm currently looking into this.

For the record, I realise "Powered by WebAssembly" is a statement that might not age well but I decided to leave it in anyway. Who knows, in 10 years maybe it will provide someone (perhaps me) with a few chuckles. It's hard to know what the future of any technology will be.

As always, feel free to leave feedback or inquiries.


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Sep 06, 2021

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